The Cash Flow Pinch

Have you been refused a line of credit? This type of barrier can lead your business down a painful cash flow pinch. If your business is suffering from circumstantial debt restrictions, seeking out Accounts Receivable options can help you turn things around.

You have Options

As professional and passionate debt collection and debt recovery advisors, our ultimate goal stretches beyond helping you collect what you are owed. We pride ourselves in protecting you and your professional image. Our business model is based on a foundation that provides legal options, while encouraging positive relationships.

The experts at Sum Strategies can help you regain control by giving you the access you need to borrow money quickly. Struggling to collect overdue receivables should not be your headache!


Are you feeling the pinch?

Ask us how to borrow with fast approval and quick access to funds.

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Where are your acorns?

We can easily be discouraged when we put everything on the line only to learn that we are not collecting our hard earned cash. The symbolic acorn to the squirrel represents your money.

In theory, being paid for your work seems practical.

Just like the squirrel who buries acorns in the ground to save for later, there are many external factors that can influence whether these nuts are retrieved. As acorn collection experts, we offer strategic and modern approaches in addition to the traditional debt collection processes.

Get those acorns!